This is our 3rd Rough Cut Cowboy Series!

21-22 June 2019

We are excited to announce we will be going old school with music of the 70 & 80’s.

This is a unique festival with an American Cowboy feeling, that is hosted within Di Bus Stop Adventures Guest Farm, 15km away from Clarens and next to the Golden Gate National Park. Due to the fact that Clarens is a big attraction for the people in the city and very central (3hrs away from Gauteng , Durban and Bloemfontein), will ensures it to be a magnetic crowd puller.

This festival is made unique by taking place in a beautiful area surrounded by the Maluti Mountains, yet has a carnival atmosphere, that is enjoyed by families.
The two day festival is filled with different genres of music and a variety of food and stalls to ensure a wide selection to please everyone’s taste buds.

Event Information

The Rough Cut Cowboy Series will take place 21 and 22 June 2019 at Di Bus Stop. There will be entertainment for all ages. Racing and fun games between horses and bikes, 4×4 challenge, demonstration of archery from a horse, Bull Riding, etc. Battle of the Brands, is a fun event where the different brands of cars/4×4 do barrel racing against time. Who will be the fastest? Isuzu? Toyota? Ford? And all the other brands…who will win? The event will also be a SA Rodeo Qualifier for the horses. The Horse Care Unit, SPCA and local vet, gave the first and second event a clean audit. We also have the support of the SA Jockey Club who is bringing a camera team for a tv series and we are affiliated with SA Ro-deo and the National Barrel Horse Association, SA Chapter.


  • To create a fun-filled festival for all ages.
  • To give back to the competitor through big prize money
  • To attract more spectators to Horse Riding and Bike events
  • To make every cowboys dream come true.
  • Flea Market


The whole festival will offer spectators a wide range of entertainment with horses and bikes, bull riding, 4×4 vehicles and will be enjoyed by everybody. Entrance will be R50pp for adults and scholars, pre-school enter for free, to enjoy the stalls and all the events.

The event

The Friday at 15h00 we will have a Sundowner Horse Rid-ing Trip up in the mountains, with sherry and snacks.
The Saturday morning we kick off at 08h00 with an opening parade with the horses and bikes/quads.
The whole day will consist of events like Quarter Mile Racing, Barrel Racing and Cowboy Games, for both horses and bikes, 4×4 track against time and the main event will be the Bull Riding. There will also be a knockout event between the bikes and horses. The Roping will be just for the horses. There will also be an Archery Demonstration, Fun for kids, Stalls and many more.

What to expect

The Farmstall, Di Bus Stop, will have their usual speciality, Pap & Kaings and Moerkoffie with condensmilk and lots of other dishes. You can even enjoy your meals in the Bus. The kids can enjoy the play area and feed the donkeys, or enjoy a pony ride and go-cars. Flea Market Stalls will be open till the sun sets. The Food Stalls will be open till late. The main bar at the arena will sell SAB beers, ciders and a selection of liquors.

During the evening, bon fires will be everywhere. The events will keep the attention of the spectators. The archery demonstration will be a highlight and also the knockout runs, on the single stake, between the bikes and horses. Who will win this time? The participants will be from the age of 5 to 75 years. We expect to have more than 1000 spectators with this upcoming festival. This series will go from strength to strength. It is our vision to pay prize money of R1 million in 3 years time. 60 % of the entry fees goes for prize money.

You can’t miss the opportunity to be part of this great Rough Cut Cowboy Festival!


  • A 8 x 5m area to put up a stall.
  • You can display your product and put up banners and tear-drops.
  • Your business name will be announced as sponsor during the event.
  • Pamflets of your business will be handed out at the entrance gates.
  • The sponsors will we advertised on our facebook page.
  • Vehicle Sponsors can display their vehicles during the event.


  • As above, plus you have a 5 minute time slot to advertise live over the speakers during peak time at the event.
  • Your logo will be on the front page of the booklet (with program etc) handed out at the entrance gate.


  • Same as the R5000 and R10 000 sponsors, plus your Logo will be put on all the photos (e.g. page 1) of the participants. The photos will be posted on facebook and other media platforms. The photos are taken by the well known photographer in SA, Gordon Date.
  • You will have half a page advertisement space on in the booklet (program) handed out at the entrance gates.
  • You have a 10 minute time slot to advertise live over the speakers, during peak time at the event and/or do a demonstration of your product in the arena.


Marketing will be done on webpages and social media platforms. and Facebook Rough Cut Cowboy Series


  • The vision of the Rough Cut Cowboy Series is to have 1 Million prize money in 4 years time.
  • With the event 11 & 12 October 2019, Cutting will be included.
  • Adventure biking will also be part of the series.
  • As it is the first time for horses to compete in a quarter mile, the horse industry will grow.
  • That the spectators and participants will grow with 100% each year.
  • Part of our vision is to promote barrel racing in town ships.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this concept to you. We hope you will be part of the Rough Cut Cowboy Series 2019!!

Warm regards, The Rough Cut Cowboy-festival team

Thys Maritz
Manager Events & Public Relations
Tel. 073 025 3685

Zieta Maritz
Entertainment & Marketing
Tel. 082 959 3150